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Vincent Österlund

Vincent  sterlund small
1 · G

Joe Wahlund

Joe wahlund small
5 · D

Filip Ekberg

Filip ekberg small
8 · F

Theo Hallquisth

Theo hallquisth small
9 · D

Kian Clementsson Kinn

Kian clementsson kinn small
19 · F

Valter Engström

Valter engstr m small
21 · F

Melvin Novotny

Melvin novotny small
23 · F

Gustaf Johansson

Gustaf johansson small
30 · G

Sebastian Dahlqvist

Sebastian dahlqvist small
58 · F

Rocky Langvardt

Rocky langvardt small
64 · D

Liam Pettersson

Liam pettersson small
65 · D

Max Eriksson

Max eriksson small
68 · F

Teodor Friberg

Teodor friberg small
71 · F

Anton Frondell

No photo neutral 70
76 · F

William Håkansson

William h kansson small
77 · F

Theo Stockselius

Theo stockselius small
87 · F

Cesar Lerebäck

Cesar lereb ck small
88 · D

Linus Olsson

Linus olsson small
97 · D


No photo neutral 70


Number Photo Pos. Name Date of Birth Shoots Current Team Hometown
5 Joe wahlund small D Joe Wahlund 04/20/2007 L Hammarö HC
9 Theo hallquisth small D Theo Hallquisth 06/14/2007 R Viggbyholms IK
64 Rocky langvardt small D Rocky Langvardt 06/10/2007 L Bålsta HC
65 Liam pettersson small D Liam Pettersson 01/04/2007 L GSK Hockey Team 05
88 Cesar lereb ck small D Cesar Lerebäck 01/03/2007 L Frölunda Indians
97 Linus olsson small D Linus Olsson 04/17/2007 R Grums


Number Photo Pos. Name Date of Birth Shoots Current Team Hometown
8 Filip ekberg small F Filip Ekberg 04/14/2007 L Arlanda Wings
19 Kian clementsson kinn small F Kian Clementsson Kinn 02/20/2007 L Djurgårdens IF
21 Valter engstr m small F Valter Engström 01/31/2007 L Bäcken HC
23 Melvin novotny small F Melvin Novotny 04/03/2007 L Täby HC
58 Sebastian dahlqvist small F Sebastian Dahlqvist 02/22/2007 L Tyresö Hanviken Hockey
68 Max eriksson small F Max Eriksson 01/05/2007 R Bålsta HC
71 Teodor friberg small F Teodor Friberg 03/13/2007 R Nacka HK
76 No photo neutral 50 F Anton Frondell 05/07/2007 L Foc Farsta Stockholm
77 William h kansson small F William Håkansson 10/08/2007 L Djurgårdens IF
87 Theo stockselius small F Theo Stockselius 07/24/2007 L Norrtälje IK


Number Photo Pos. Name Date of Birth Shoots Current Team Hometown
1 Vincent  sterlund small G Vincent Österlund 06/20/2007 L Boo HC
30 Gustaf johansson small G Gustaf Johansson 06/20/2007 R Boo HC