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***All airlines require full passport name, date of birth, and gender for every passenger on international flights. Failure to provide correct information will result in you being denied boarding at the airport. You may also be refused entry into a country if your passport will expire within 6 months. Passports expiring within 3 months of departure, will most likely be refused at the airport for international travel.***

Information on rooming lists, registration pages, and rosters must match the name on the Passport. Please, no nicknames or abbreviations. 

Some countries do not allow entry to passengers with a passport expiration date less than six months away. Please click here to check the requirements of your destination country.



How does the group flight work?

  • Group Flight- Group Flight- One group flight itinerary will be organized, from one airport in North America.  Each family is responsible for their own transportation to and from that airport.  We provide transportation for all group flight passengers from the airport to the hotel in Europe.  Passengers are welcome to book their own flights and are welcome to contact us should they require a deviation or alternate option to the group itinerary
    • Typically, the team coach will be at the airport 2-3 hours before departure for a group meeting, to collect all sticks in his team stick bag, and lead the group check-in.
  • ‚Äč***Baggage fees are not included in your tour cost and must be paid by you, at the airport.  Standard airline policies will apply.
  • Seating- Typically, though not always, an airline will block off a section of seats for a group.  As the group tickets will be issued together, sets would be together as well.  Passengers with the same last name will be seated together. We do our best to make sure the group, and family members, in particular, are seated together, but the airline always has the final say.
    • We will not honor requests for window/aisle/front seats/etc.  We will do our best to accommodate passengers with special needs and disabilities.

 When do I get my plane tickets?

  • You will not receive tickets.  All flights will be E-ticketed so you will receive, via e-mail, your flight itinerary, passenger list, and confirmation number.  The confirmation number, or your passport, may be used to check-in at the airport.  Unfortunately, many airlines do not allow online check-in for group flights.

 Can I book my own flights/use points to book?

  • Booking on your own- Should you choose to book your own flights, with or without points, we will deduct a pre-determined amount of money from your tour cost. This only applies to Tour packages with flight included. This amount will be reflective of our flight's costs, not what you pay for your flights.  You will also be responsible for your own transportation between the airport and hotel in Europe.

 Can I upgrade my flight?

  • Upgrading- To upgrade to business or first class, please notify us as soon as possible.  We will request a quote from the airline, and get your approval.  you must pay the additional cost immediately.  Upgrades must be done a minimum of 35 days prior to departure date, per airline policy.


How does hotel rooming work?

  • Guest tour cost is always based on double occupancy for guest comfort. Hotel rooms in Europe are generally smaller and more compact than a typical North American hotel room.  Most rooms are comprised of 2 single beds for double occupancy - these are combined (pushed together) for couples. Rooms in Europe are charged per person and therefore there is a very little price break for a triple room - often a triple would have an extra bed added.  Quad (4) are only available in very few locations.  Your tour coordinator can help with these specific requests.
    • A single occupancy room is available at an additional cost.
    • You may upgrade to a suite at an additional cost.  The cost and number of occupants will be determined by hotel policy.
    • If you are traveling with 4 or more people, you will be divided into double and/or triple occupancy rooms. We always request adjoining rooms,  however, this is at the hotel's discretion.  Hotel rooms in Europe are smaller than in North America, and will not comfortably hold a family of four.

 When can I add a guest to my tour?

  • You may add guests up until the day of departure (dependant upon hotel and airline space) however, if your guest joins within 30 days of departure, they won't be able to get on the group flight.  Airfare will have increased, and the guest's cost will be increased to reflect this.  They may be able to get on the same flight itinerary as the group, but likely will have to fly separately.


How can I make a payment?

  • Your specific tour will have its own payment schedule- we cannot hold your space on the flight if you are not up to date on payments.
  • All costs are payable in USD via Credit Card, Check, PayPal, or Wire transfer.  A 2.9% credit card fee will apply.
  • Checks in CAD will be accepted however, you will be responsible for the associated exchange costs charged by our bank.  To avoid the exchange costs, simply write "USD" next to the dollar amount on your check, and your bank will make the adjustment for the conversion.
  • Payment may be Online, through our website.  Pay-pal fees will apply.
  • Payment by check including your order # can be sent to a domestic office.  Email to find out where to send payment or refer to your invoice.



(reflective of groups traveling to international events)

Non-refundable deposit: $250.00 USD per person (upon registration)
120-day payment: $500.00 USD per person
95-day payment: $500.00 USD per person
70-day payment: $500.00 USD per person
45-day payment: FINAL BALANCE DUE

(reflective of groups traveling to international events)

Cancellation 120 to 91 days of event departure: $500.00 USD non-refundable (per person).
Cancellation at/inside of 90 to 61 days of event departure: $1000.00 USD non-refundable (per person).
Cancellation at/inside of 60 to 41 days of event departure: 100% of payment scheduled amount non-refundable per person.


If you must cancel your trip, you must do so in writing. Cancellation refunds will be calculated as of the date we receive your written cancellation.

Credit card processing fees or wire fees, will not be refunded.


You must advise us in writing, at the time of or prior to booking, of any physical, emotional, or mental condition which may require professional attention during the trip or may require the use of special equipment. If you fail to disclose any such conditions, World Hockey Group may refuse to allow you to take the trip and you will forfeit the trip cost; and in such an event, we shall have no liability, financial or otherwise.


What can I expect to eat?

  • Type of food- Expect to eat foods native to the area you are visiting.  (On our home page, you can select the flag of your destination country, and see information on food, weather, currency, etc.)
  • Meals included- Refer to your specific tour's inclusions.
    • If you see "Team meal" on your itinerary, guests/parents are welcome to join the team at this meal, however, they will need to pay the restaurant directly at the time of the meal- it has not been pre-paid in the tour cost of the guest/parent.

What if I or my child, have a food allergy?

  • Food allergies- If you or your child has a food allergy, you are responsible for what you/your child eat(s).  We can provide you with the contact information of any hotel, airline, restaurant, etc.  You should contact them directly to request alternative meal arrangements.