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2023 Sweden SHD '13 - Riga Cup Tour

Alexander Holst

Alexander Holst

Sweden Selects GM

Phone: +46708102577

Trip Information:

Sweden SHD '13 Riga Cup Tour
Location: Riga, Latvia
Dates: April - May, 2023

Player Package Includes: 

  • Flights Stockholm- Riga -Stockholm
  • Airport Transfers
  • Bus transportation in Riga
  • 4 nights accommodation in Riga, Latvia
  • Daily Breakfast
  • All meals included
  • Minimum 5 Riga Tournament games
  • 1 Ice Practice or Exhibition Game
  • Game Jersey & Socks
  • One Team Apparel Item

Guest package includes: 

  • Flights Stockholm-Riga-Stockholm
  • Airport Transfers
  • Bus transportation in Riga
  • 4 nights in Riga
  • Daily breakfast in Riga
  • Welcome Dinner
  • One Swedish Game Fan Jersey

Frequently Asked Questions

**Please read through our frequently asked questions
portion of the website, this will cover questions relating to:

  1. Passports/Expiration (VERY IMPORTANT!!)
  2. Flights/Ticketing
  3. Hotel Accommodations/Rooming
  4. Payment/Cancellation Policies

Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia

Registration Instruction

**In order to receive your invitation to the tour/tournament, you will need to create a parent's account and add player's profile within that, or register using an existing a player profile.**

  • Create a parent's account and add player's profile.
  • ​Contact your coach to alert them that the profile has been created.
  • World Hockey Group will send you an invite to the tour.
  • Log into your profile and find the tour invite on your dashboard under ‘Invitations’
  • Complete the Tour Registration

Player Benefits

Compete on an international stage at a young age
Terrific preparation for players who aspire to compete in international events such as the World Selects Invitational.

Cultural learning environment
Players practice, compete against, and participate in fun activities with players from many different countries. Participants also tour their destination cities, take in the area attractions including museums, historic sites, and natural wonders.

Memories and friendships to last a lifetime
We continually hear from players sharing stories from a past trip, even after years have passed. Families will forge friendships and truly have an experience of a lifetime. 

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